Dr Roeline BrinkMessage from the Editor:
Dr Roelien Brink

The African Journal for Work-Based Learning welcomes all readers. The aim of this journal is to share best practices provided by stakeholders involved in the process of Work-Integrated Learning. It is important that voices and experiences from all stakeholders are heard and shared in this community of practice. This journal will contribute to the increasing pedagogicalvalue of the integration of learning in the work place driven by practice and experience.

The next edition Volume 3, Number 2 will be published in November 2015. This edition will be double peer reviewed by an international editorial board. The board will contribute by promoting a high quality standard for papers, supporting the review of submitted papers and contribute to strategic themes and focus areas for future editions. These reviewers’ reports will contribute to and accelerate accreditation with the appropriate authorities in the region. The accreditation of this journal will undoubtedly generate greater interest in research and facilitate publication opportunities.

Looking forward to fruitful discussions and learning from each other as partners in this process.

Roelien Brink.

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