WIL Africa conference 2018

The Deadline for the submission of papers has been extended to 15 April 2018

South African Society for cooperative Education(SASCE)is hosting the 3rdWIL Africa Conference from 18-20 July 2018 at the Coastlands Hotel and Conference center,umhlamga ,Durban. Wil Africa is held in collaboration with the National Skills Authority(NSA).The Minister of DHET has been invited to open the Conference.

The WIL Africa conference is apremium event on Cooparetive Education and Work integrated Learning. Building from a very successful inauguration WIL Africa Conference in 2016 ,SASCE is equally exited at the unticipated success this year and would in advance like to thank government representatives,industry,laboratory,labour and student representatives who will be participating in the conference

The conference participants will be from educational institutions, industry and various Government organisations and also includes WIL students/graduates from South Africa and international community. The importance of student employability is a global one hence all these voices can contribute towards successful “WIL implementation.”

The conference will again showcase best practice models and allow for interrogation of WIL issues that impact on employability ranging from Policy to Implementation, from Curriculum design and Workplace learning to relevant assessment. The different voices of Government, Comprehensive Universities, the Universities of Technology, the Technology and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges, Industry and Students will provide for an integrated perspective.

The Global advocacy by World Association on Cooperative Education, the Continental advocacy by SASCE, the WIL practices by universities around the world as an educational strategy and the South African Government position as reflected in the White Paper on Post-School Education and Training are all a reflection of the growing importance of WIL in student employability.

We all know about the growing trend of unemployed youth, it would therefore be beneficial to explore and review practices of educational and employer institutions regarding the development of the supply side for the labour market. Considering the impact of Cooperative and Work Integrated Education on student employability, the conference theme for this year is therefore “WIL implementation “. The sub-themes include WIL successes, challenges and solutions; Integrated perspective to enhancing employability and entrepreneurship; and WIL Curriculum taking into consideration assessment and decolonization.

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